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Ice Pick's Pies is Back in Business!

Well folks, it's been a loooooong past 7 months hasn't it? What a very weird and scary time to be alive. But I'm happy to report Ice Pick's Pies is now taking orders again! Starting this week I reopened the virtual doors and have started making pies, which I can't be happier about.

I say "I" because, during the quarantine I had to scale some things back. So as it is right now it is just yours truly, Gabrielle Faust, who will be creating your tasty morsels and delivering them to your doorstep for free in the Austin and Dripping Springs area.

If you are further north than Austin (Round Rock, Cedar Park, Manor, Pflugerville, etc.) you can email me at to request a pickup time at Kick Butt Coffee on Airport Blvd., just off of I-35.

If you are further south than Dripping Springs, we can discuss a meeting point since I am new to the area and haven't found designated location just yet. ;)

So, be sure to check out the website and start placing your pie orders! I've also started adding Halloween treats since the spooky holiday (my favorite!) is just a month away!

Thank you, again to everyone who has continued to express their encouragement and support. Fingers crossed that Ice Pick's Pies will make a full recovery and become prosperous again soon!

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