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This story begins back in 2015 on a chilly winter evening in a small house on the East Side of Austin, Texas. Several friends had gathered around a rickety old oak table for a rowdy night of drinking and Texas Holdem poker. Among those in attendance was the founder of Ice Pick’s Pies, Gabrielle Faust.


As the night reached into the wee hours and the levels in the whiskey bottles became less and less, Gabrielle found herself on an unexpected winning streak. Next to her one gentleman proclaimed, after she had taken the last of his money, “Damn! You cold! Cold as ice. Cold as an ice pick! That’s what we’re gonna call you from now on. Ice Pick!” And the nickname stuck.


Three years later Gabrielle Faust, a.k.a. Ice Pick, began her foray into the culinary world and founded her first venture, Ice Pick’s Pies. Utilizing recipes from her family’s trove, as well as her own invention, Gabrielle set out to create a menu of delicious, “homemade” pies using only the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. With gluten-free/dairy-free and vegan options, she wanted to ensure EVERYONE could enjoy the heart-warming, soul-comforting experience only a slice of pie can provide.


Now, who wants some pie?

The Austin Chronicle Review

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