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The LEE Initiative to Support Restaurant Workers in Kentucky

If you are in the Louisville, KY area Chef Edward Lee has started an initiative to help the culinary professionals and restaurant workers effected by the closure of restaurants in Kentucky. Here is what he said on his instagram yesterday:

" @chefedwardlee

There are so many restaurant workers suddenly out of work. They are the backbone of our industry. They have always answered the call to work our kitchens and run our dining rooms. I am doing anything I can to make sure that they are not forgotten. If we don’t take a stand and do something now, there will not be an independent restaurant industry to speak of when the corona-virus crisis is over. Starting on March 17, in partnership with @makersmark we will turn 610 Magnolia into a relief center for any restaurant worker who has been laid off. We are offering help for those in dire need of food and supplies. Each night, we will pack hundreds of to-go dinners that people can come to pick up and take home. Dinners are offered on a first come first serve basis. Limit 2 to a person unless there is an emergency situation.

We will also have supplies on hand for those in need: diapers, wipes, baby food, non-perishable canned foods and cereals, toilet paper, and Tylenol. We will limit how much any one person can take of these supplies but they will be handed out free to those in need.

We will continue to offer this program throughout the quarantine period or until we can no longer financially support the program. Details of the program are below: - Dinner pick up address: 621 West Magnolia Ave, Louisville, KY 40208 - This program will be offered 7 nights a week until otherwise notified. - Pick up time is 5:00pm to 8:30pm nightly. Please Come with a list of needs and we will pack and deliver to your car. - Please bring a paycheck stub or proof of restaurant employment.

To Support this program, please donate at All Donations received by LEE Initiative in March and April will go directly to the restaurant workers relief efforts."

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