• Gabrielle Faust

Ice Pick's Pies is Open for Business

The day is finally here! Ice Pick's Pies' online store is now officially open for business! We can't be more excited for this culinary adventure to begin. If you missed out this weekend on the 20% off your pre-orders, you can still enjoy the 10% OFF New Customer benefit. If this is you first time placing an order at icepickspies.com simply use code NEWPIE10 at checkout for 10% your order as our way of saying thank you. We deeply appreciate your business and look forward to baking beautiful yummy pies for you!

Be sure to like us on Facebook! facebook.com/icepickspies

And on Twitter @icepickspies

...And on Instagram @icepickspies

Enjoy life and a slice of pie today! :)

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